Fundraising Opportunities

As a locally owned, family business, US Meat & Restaurant Supply provides fundraising opportunities to local schools and organizations. About 25% of each product sold goes directly back to the organization. Unlike some fundraisers that provide overpriced, unhealthy products, US Meat & Restaurant Supply provides quality products that are desirable by prospective supporters.

Each school or organization can participate in our standard program or customize specialty products to fit their needs. Running on a 3 – 4 week sales program, US Meat & Restaurant Supply provides all fundraising order forms and brochures and supports the organization throughout the process. At the end of the fundraiser, US Meat & Restaurant Supply will deliver all products in a 2 week turn-around delivery time. US Meat & Restaurant Supply will work closely with your organization to set up a pick up time & place for your organization.

Our fundraising program is perfect for Schools, Scout Groups, Church Groups, FFA / 4-H Groups.

Start your fundraising now! You will be receiving the finest quality products while supporting your organization, school or team with 25% of the fundraising proceeds. Contact Dale Rasmussen at 503-668-5082 to get started.

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